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This New Year, Resolve to Cultivate A Love of Reading in Your Children

With 2016 fast approaching, many people are beginning to think about their resolutions going into the new year. While many resolutions will focus on health and dieting, resolving to cultivate a love of reading in your children is a gift that will serve them throughout their lives. Why is reading so important for children? Read… Read more »

Students Do Best With Paper-Based Learning, Poll Shows

A new survey shows that a significant majority of K-12 teachers believe that their students learn best when information is presented to them on paper rather than a tablets, according to research gathered by the Paper and Packaging Board. The data was collected and compiled in “2015 The Annual Back-to-School Report” and showed that despite… Read more »

Why Reading is Easier on Paper

If you’ve always felt that you have an easier time reading on paper than on a screen, you’re not alone. In fact, there is ample evidence to support this claim, which is covered in an article in a recent issue of Scientific American. The article looks at more than 100 studies conducted worldwide since the… Read more »

The Future of Reading is on Paper

In many ways, digital technology is a vast improvement on what came before it. There are countless examples of this. The mp3 vs. the record, cassette tape, or even cd player. The smartphone vs. the landline. The calculator vs. pencil and paper. All of these technological advancements have made possible things that were previously unimaginable…. Read more »