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Archive : December 2013

Mechanical Binding from Advantage Book Binding

You probably know mechanical binding best in the form of a spiral bound notebook. The ubiquitous classroom staple, spiral bound notebooks are just one type of book that falls under the category of mechanical binding. Basically, mechanical binding uses a metal or plastic filament to bind the pages of a book together. Mechanical binding works… Read more »

Soft Cover Binding from Advantage Book Binding

Soft cover binding, also known as perfect binding, is the process by which softcover/paperback books are bound. There are a variety of soft cover binding techniques which can be used for lots of different applications including fiction and non-fiction books, graphic novels, brochures, manuals, corporate annual reports, directories, cookbooks, and more. The process of binding… Read more »

Volume Bindings: A Great Holiday Gift

Looking for a great gift for the magazine collector in your life. How about a volume binding from Advantage Book Binding? A volume binding is a collection of magazines bound together into one case bound book. There are lots of great projects that volume binding can be used for. You can take a group of… Read more »

Ancient Bibles on Display at The Freer Gallery of Art

Two ancient Bibles, written in Greek on parchment in the 3rd and 4th centuries, are on display now at The Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. The Bibles are rarely displayed due to their age and sensitivity to light. Recently brought out from the gallery’s archives, the two Bibles will be on display through… Read more »