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Archive : July 2014

Individual Book Cases and Specialty Packaging

What’s a beautifully bound book without a case to go with it? And what’s a perfectly arranged mailer without the packaging that protects it en route? Individual book cases and specialty packaging are designed to complement printed materials by offering additional design options, protection, and discretion for everything from mailers to menus. Individual Book Cases… Read more »

Maryland’s Library Services Continue to Grow

If you haven’t been to the library in awhile, you may be surprised by what’s going on in libraries across Maryland. Books, as always, are still free to browse and check out with a library card, but libraries today are much more than just that. Funded by state revenue and organizations such as the Institute… Read more »

Why Reading is Easier on Paper

If you’ve always felt that you have an easier time reading on paper than on a screen, you’re not alone. In fact, there is ample evidence to support this claim, which is covered in an article in a recent issue of Scientific American. The article looks at more than 100 studies conducted worldwide since the… Read more »

A Visual History of Book Binding

The history of book binding is filled with a rich collection of materials, styles, patterns and more. As an art form, book binding has gone through many evolutions through the years, from the earliest volumes off the printing press to modern printing techniques that allow for a precise and exact degree of control over the… Read more »

Handsome Leather Bound Books and Slip Covers

Leather is among the most prized materials for book bindings and slip covers. One of the earliest book binding materials, leather has a long and rich history that continues today. Though few mass printings are bound in leather, leather is still a favorite material for small run special editions, giving them extra prestige and value…. Read more »