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Archive : October 2018

Take a Trip to Some of These Famous Libraries

With Halloween about to happen later this week, there’s still time to get in on the spooky spirit. Some of the most famous books in literature are scary stories, whether they’re the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, or Shirley Jackson. Even after the holiday has ended, take a trip to some of these… Read more »

Have You Considered Glue Folding Your Next Book Project?

Every book that is printed needs to be able to last. After all, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the book looks on store or library shelves if it needs to be mended before it can be displayed. When it comes to binding a book, glue folding is one of the best ways to ensure that… Read more »

Advice for Writers: 3 Ways to Stay Inspired

Inspiration is what all creators strive for, but the muse isn’t always willing to speak. Even polished, published authors will struggle with writer’s block, especially after a long and successful career. Unpublished and self-published authors can overcome this roadblock Here are some ways to stay inspired even when you think you aren’t.

3 Ways You Can Use Booklets and Other Small Books

The term door-stopper is used to describe long books that can be used to hold a door open. These types of books are often found in the fantasy and science fiction genres. However, they’re just as often found among works of classic world literature. Not every book needs to be massive. Here are some ways… Read more »

Advice for Writers: How to Successfully Market Your Book

Once you have written and published your book, the next step is to sell it. Marketing your book, especially in particularly crowded genres, can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we have some advice for you that can help you stand out from the pack and become the next sensation that everyone is talking about.