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Archive : October 2014

Where does the smell of old books come from?

If there’s one smell that readers love, it’s the smell of old books. Few can resist the smell of a secondhand bookstore, or opening up a book that hasn’t seen the light of day for a long time and letting the small wash over you. But where does this smell come from? It’s based on… Read more »

Book Binding History: Famous Book Binders

Ever wondered who the big names in book binding’s history are? Johannes Gutenberg is widely known as the inventor of the first movable type printing press which revolutionized the written word as we know it. But who else contributed to the craft of book binding in its post-Gutenberg history. The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers… Read more »

New Survey Says Print Books are Outselling Ebooks

Despite the increase in popularity of ebooks in recent years, print books still enjoy the upper hand in terms of volume of sales. And in fact, they do so by a pretty wide margin, according to a recent survey by Nielsen Books & Consumer. The survey, which looked at sales of print and ebooks over… Read more »

Stephen King Says Books are Here to Stay for a Long Time

Author Stephen King might be best known for the scary things he has to say in books. But fortunately, the things he has to say about books are much less scary. In fact, King said recently in an interview with the Huffington Post that he thinks printed books are here to stay for a “long,… Read more »