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Archive : October 2017

5 Tips for Designing a Pocket-Sized Book

What is a good way to quickly distribute a popular book? Make it pocket-sized. A pocket-sized book is, as its name implies, meant to be carried in a pocket or a purse. Although novels and nonfiction books are popular for reading while commuting, reference materials are also far more portable when converted to this format,… Read more »

What to Think About Before Laminating Your Next Book Project

Does your latest book project need to be laminated? If so, you might be a little unsure about what that means. Lamination is a process that protects a printed page by enclosing it beneath two transparent sheets of plastic. It’s similar to sliding a page into a plastic divider sleeve but is much more durable… Read more »

Common Book Printing and Publishing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Book printing and publishing involves many tricky decisions about printing, marketing, and distribution. If you are an author who is interested in self-publishing or working with a smaller publisher, you’ll have to make these decisions without much help. What are some common book printing and publishing mistakes you should avoid?

Designing the Cover for a Perfect Bound Book

Producing a softcover book doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially if that trouble comes from finding the best design for the book’s cover. But even if you aren’t an expert in graphic design, designing the cover for a perfect bound book can be much easier than you might expect. In fact, the perfect-binding technique… Read more »

Challenges That Self-Published Authors Have to Overcome

With the rise of the Internet, self-publishing has become a viable route to success for many authors. While many famous writers still follow the traditional path collaborating with agents, editors, publishers, and marketers, there is no denying publishing by yourself is an attractive option as well. However, self-published authors wear all of the hats during… Read more »