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Archive : August 2017

The Undeniable Importance of Book Margins

The margins of a book are important considerations for designing a book and for improving the reader’s experience. The margins are defined as the empty spaces left on a page around the text on the page. There are four margins on any given page: top, bottom, inner, and outer. Let’s learn more about just how… Read more »

How to Successfully Get Your Book on the Market

With advances in technology and the rise in popularity of self-publishing, authors have even more routes to the bestseller list. But before the fame and fortune, the book has to make it onto the market first. Here are some tips for what to do to ensure your success.

What Perfect Binding Has To Do With Page Counts

When you’re looking for the best binding method, you might not know how the different bindings are affected by page counts. Although you’ve got plenty of choices, the perfect binding method is a safe bet. If you have questions, we have answers. Let’s learn more about perfect binding and what it has to do with… Read more »

How Are Wire and Spiral Binding Different?

When it comes to binding books, there are several different techniques that you can use. Wire and spiral binding are just two of those techniques. However, if you are an author seeking self-publication or traditional publication, you might be wondering, how are they different? Let’s investigate the difference.