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Archive : June 2015

Book Repair and Restoration from The Book Boutique

Books are among our most treasured possessions. Family bibles are often passed down for generations. Rare first editions are displayed prominently on bookshelves. A favorite book from childhood is kept in a box. Our old books can be found throughout the home. But like any material object, books aren’t immune to the passage of time…. Read more »

Oblong Hard Cover Books: Perfect for Specialty Print Projects

Are you working on a specialty print project that requires a finished product with non-standard dimensions? Advantage Book Binding can bind it. We know that different projects require a different kind of approach. That’s why we offer oblong case binding to fit any dimensions you need your print project to be. No matter what shape… Read more »

Mechanical Binding: For All Your Office Print Supply Needs

Mechanical binding is one of the most widely used binding techniques for office-related print supplies. Think about some of the print supplies you have in your office: notebooks, calendars, agendas, and manuals. So many of these use mechanical binding because businesses have found that it’s the most practical all around solution for their office print… Read more »

Book Care Tips: How to Properly Care for All Your Books

There’s something about old books that just gives them a certain appeal. Maybe it’s the smell of the book, the beautiful old hard cover, or the way the pages feel in your hands. Many people consider their old books to be prized possessions. As such, it’s important to know about proper book care. Old books… Read more »