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Archive : March 2016

Japanese Ribbon Binding Adds a Touch of Elegance to Any Project

For an exceptionally beautiful finish for a book that you want to treasure for years to come, Japanese ribbon binding is the perfect choice. This unique binding method looks beautiful and creates a visually interesting and memorable edge for photo albums, journals, and more. Learn more about Japanese ribbon binding and some of its possible… Read more »

Case Binding Solutions Offer Beauty and Durability

Hardcover bookbinding, also known as case binding, remains an enduringly popular binding choice. Hardcover books are durable, beautiful, and provide an air of authority that paperbacks and other binding solutions simply cannot rival. Learn more about the benefits of using case binding to complete your next project in today’s blog, below.

The Different Types of Paperback Binding Solutions

Of all binding options, softcover binding solutions are perhaps the most enduringly popular. There are many reasons why paperback books are so ubiquitous: They are fairly inexpensive to produce, turnaround time is short so they can be prepared quickly, and they can be produced in large quantities, which makes paperback binding a great option for… Read more »

Advantage Collaborates with MedStar Health to Create Mirror Book

At Advantage Book Binding, we are pleased to announce that we recently completed a project with MedStar Health called the Mirror Book. This innovative design allows patients afflicted with facial palsy to practice strengthening exercises without shame. Learn more about this unique product and how Advantage Book Binding helped bring it to life in today’s… Read more »

Wire-O Binding Offers High Quality and Affordability

Wire-O binding (also referred to as mechanical binding) is a great option for a wide variety of projects. If you’ve ever used a spiral bound notebook then you’re already familiar with wire-o binding, but this useful method can be used for far more than just journals. Learn more about the best applications for mechanical binding… Read more »