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Archive : August 2014

How Does Perfect Binding Work?

Perfect binding is a book binding technique commonly used for softcover books, magazines, and other small print publications. Popular for its durability and affordability, perfect binding continues to be widely used across a number of applications. In fact, of all the national magazines in the country, about 40% are bound using perfect binding. So how… Read more »

What Kind of Book Binding Do I Need for My Print Project?

Let’s say you have a print project that needs to be bound together. One binding is just as good as the next right? Not necessarily. There are numerous different binding techniques, and some suit certain projects better than others. A thick annual corporate report, for example, would benefit from a hard cover binding technique that… Read more »

Government Printing Office Services from Advantage Book Binding

If you’re in need of government printing office services, you want a printing company that you know can meet government printing requirements and standards. Advantage Book Binding is experienced in government printing jobs and has performed government printing office work for numerous government clients at level one standards. We offer the following book binding and… Read more »

Book Tipping and Glue Folding Solutions

Specialty gluing solutions are one of the many services we offer here at Advantage Book Binding. From book tipping to glue folding for envelopes, brochures and more, we can meet all of your glue needs. Stick with Advantage! Book Tipping Need to add in extra pages after your book was printed? Book tipping is a… Read more »