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Archive : May 2014

A Brief History of the Dust Jacket

Dust jackets are all but ubiquitous on hardcover books today, but it wasn’t always so. For a long time, dust jackets didn’t exist, and even when they came into existence, the earliest jackets were unrecognizable from the ones we know today. Early dust jackets were not even regarded as part of the book, but rather… Read more »

The Future of Reading is on Paper

In many ways, digital technology is a vast improvement on what came before it. There are countless examples of this. The mp3 vs. the record, cassette tape, or even cd player. The smartphone vs. the landline. The calculator vs. pencil and paper. All of these technological advancements have made possible things that were previously unimaginable…. Read more »

The Amazing Watercolor Book

If you’ve ever painted a room in your house, you’re probably familiar with Pantone. Pantone is a color guide system where literally thousands (2,100 altogether) of colors are arranged on cards in order to compare and contrast them so you can decide what color of paint to get. This portable color library makes it easy… Read more »

On Bookworms and other Literary Stereotypes

If you’re a lover of all things literary, there’s a good chance you’ve been referred to as a bookworm. And though you might not have ever explicitly learned the origin of this reference, you’d be correct if you’ve always assumed it had something to do with insects eating books. Though these insects are less likely… Read more »

The Craftsmanship of Book Binding

Book binding is a craft that is hundreds of years old. It has seen the influence of many waves of new technology, making the binding process faster and more efficient. But while machines have brought binding into the 21st century, there is a tradition among book binders, indeed, among craftsman of any trade, that stretches… Read more »