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Archive : May 2015

Custom Leather Books from Advantage Book Binding

Looking for a great idea for your next creative book project? How about a custom leather book? Leather binding is a popular add-on for a variety of projects, and is easy to customize with your own personal touches. It’s great for projects that you start from scratch, but you can also use it to spruce… Read more »

Case Binding from Advantage Book Binding

Case binding, also known as hard cover binding, remains the most durable book binding and finishing solution out there. If your next project needs a housing that offers superior durability, as well as endless customization options for a professional finish, then case binding is the right solution for you. Case binding is used across a… Read more »

Book Covers: Put a New Custom Cover on Your Favorite Book

Has that cover on that old copy of your favorite book started falling apart? You don’t have to buy a new copy, just a new book cover! Advantage Book Binding can remove an old, worn out book cover and replace it with a brand new one that you create and customized! Learn more in our… Read more »

Buenos Aires is the World Capital of Bookstores

Ever wondered which city in the world has the most bookstores per capita? As it turns out, you’d have to go pretty far down south to get there. And we’re not talking about the southern United States. We’re talking about the Southern Hemisphere. That’s because Buenos Aires is the world capital of bookstores, according to… Read more »