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Archive : June 2017

The Different Styles of Book Binding

Books have been around for thousands of years, and in that time, many styles of book binding have emerged. Determining what style of book binding to use greatly depends on the purpose of the book being created. Here are the most common styles of book binding you can expect to find, some other factors that… Read more »

What is Coil Binding and What Can It Do?

When choosing the binding style for your next book project, you will find that you have a great many options. There are hardcover and paperback binding options, but even within those two categories there are more. However, if you are looking for something that is cost efficient and a functional, then coil-binding may be the… Read more »

Marketing with Solid, Printed Materials

  Printed materials are a tried and true way to get your marketing materials literally into the hands of those who may benefit. Online marketing is, of course, a wonderful way of reaching a great many people, but for a particularly personal touch, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a solid, printed material… Read more »

Are Printed Pages Eco-Friendly?

Many of today’s consumers are concerned about the long term impact of the products we purchase and the companies that we support. It is a reasonable concern and the digital age is quick to answer that everything should be in digital format. Though e-books may seem like the only eco-friendly option, this simply isn’t true…. Read more »

Custom Educational Materials are Perfect for Teachers!

  Teachers pave the way for the future of our children and their creative, supportive, and amazing educational skills usually take their inspiration from written materials. Many teachers, however, like to incorporate their own creative spin on their lessons by expanding on the texts that have come before them. To really take their lesson plans… Read more »