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Archive : July 2017

The Three Different Types of Proofing

There are several different types of book proofs. The type of proofing that is used is dependent on the publisher, the book being produced, and the machinery being used to create the book. Let’s take a closer look at each type of proof:

4 Ways to Stay On Track with Your Deadlines

Before beginning the book binding process, you need to get your manuscript done first. But whether you choose self-publishing, or the route of traditional publishing one major obstacle remains – deadlines. Although every writer dreads deadlines, there is little reason why you should. Remember that procrastination is not your friend when you are a writer…. Read more »

The Components of Hardcover Book Binding and Book Publication

Once you have written a manuscript and have a book accepted for publication, what comes next? There is the traditional route to publication, in which a publishing company prepares your manuscript for conversion into a hardcover or softcover book, and the unconventional route of self-publishing. If you plan on following the path of self-publishing, there… Read more »

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