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Archive : July 2016

Soft Cover Binding Solutions for Your Next Graphic Novel

  Graphic novels are one of the most poignant and fun ways to tell a story. They can be light, fun, and comical or they can be deeply serious. The medium is as fluid as it is dynamic, but one thing remains clear: Traditionally, graphic novels utilizes soft cover bindings. Today we’re going to be… Read more »

The Key to Being a Good Writer

  Writing a book is a huge project. It can take anywhere from one to ten years and there’s no guarantee that it will become a best seller. This may sound discouraging, but it’s not. It’s the truth and if you want to be a good writer then you need to start with the facts…. Read more »

Great Books to Expand the Mind

  Finding a new book to read can be a challenge. There are hundreds upon thousands of selections to choose from. If you’re a writer, this can be particularly important to help give you ideas and stimulate your creative writing style. Today we’re going to be talking about some really great books for people looking… Read more »

Self-Publishing Tips for Serious Authors

  So, you want to write a book. That’s amazing. The first thing you need to do is pat yourself on the back because this is going to be a major undertaking. Writing a new book of any kind is a big deal, but you’re going to need some guidance to make sure that you… Read more »

Hardcover or Paperback? Which is Right for You?

  When you self-publish a book, you’ve already done the hard work. However, you will need to figure out the format that your new book will come out in. Choosing between hardback and paperback can be tough, but there is no need to worry. We can help you decide between these two forms to make… Read more »