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An Introduction to Beta Reading

One way to sharpen your skills as a reader is to do so voraciously. After all, it’s possible to overcome an early inability to read when you were younger. Read widely and read deeply. This helps develop your voice as a writer and helps you know what to look for whenever someone asks you to… Read more »

Science Says: Reading is Good For You

For years, reading has been considered an intellectual pastime. But now, science has confirmed that it is good for you beyond sharpening your mind. Here are some scientifically-proven reasons to read as much as possible.

The Power of Summer Reading

With the school year about to end, your kids may decide that they are done with books for three months. However, you cannot deny the power of summer reading. Encouraging your children to keep reading even once the school year is over has numerous benefits. Let’s find out more.

3 Reasons to Read a Book

It may surprise you, but after leaving school, many adults no longer continue to read, at least, not for their own enjoyment. But if you’re still a bookworm at heart, you’ll find any excuse to read a book whenever you can, even if you aren’t an introvert. And reading to your kids can help them… Read more »

How the Brain Reads in the Era of E-readers

Do you own a tablet or other similar device? Even if you have several e-readers in your home, chances are you still interact with traditional books, magazines, and newspapers. After all, these ink-and-paper standbys have always been with us, even as digital methods of storing and consuming our reading materials gain a more significant share… Read more »

How Reading Can Help You And Your Children

National Read a Book Day has come and gone for this year. Although it was marked back on September 6th, there’s still plenty of plenty time to get in the book-reading spirit. But there doesn’t need to be just one day focused on reading a book – you can and should be reading every day…. Read more »

Common Myths About Your Eyes and Reading

Have you been to see your eye doctor lately? As you get older, your eyesight is bound to start deteriorating. But even though aging is commonly seen as a cause for you sight fading, that’s not always the case. Here are some common myths about your eyes and reading.

Can Reading A Novel Improve Your Emotional Intelligence?

  We all know that reading improves our intelligence levels, but what if we told you that we could also improve your emotional intelligence as well? Why does reading help to encourage empathy, understanding, and a better sense of emotional health? The answer to this question requires just a little bit of explanation, so let’s… Read more »

Inspiring Young Minds to Read

  Whether you are teacher or a parent, or even just a concerned citizen, you may be wondering how you can help young people cultivate an interest in reading. It can be hard to explain the merit of something that you already love so much, but that’s why we’re here to help you. We’re going… Read more »

The Joy and Wonder of Libraries

  Libraries are a wondrous place of literature, learning, and good old fashioned research. They are the places that many of us go when we need to rediscover our love for reading, though naysayers have been foretelling their end for decades. “Why would someone go to the library when they can download all the books… Read more »