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How Reading Can Help You And Your Children

It’s important to read to your children as often as possible. Reading to your kids helps improve their speaking and reading abilities.

National Read a Book Day has come and gone for this year. Although it was marked back on September 6th, there’s still plenty of plenty time to get in the book-reading spirit. But there doesn’t need to be just one day focused on reading a book – you can and should be reading every day. What do you read? How do you read? And did you know reading can help you reduce stress? Let’s also take a closer look at some of the other benefits reading can provide you.

The Benefits of Reading

Whether you are reading silently to yourself or reading out loud to someone else, books are an enjoyable way to pass the time. There’s a simple, quiet pleasure you get from reading, one that comes from how fun and relaxing it can be to read. They’re also affordable sources of entertainment, compared to many of the other options you have available. The latest summer blockbuster or awards-season contender might not always live up to the movie playing in your mind when you read a book.

Reading reduces stress levels and can also help enhance our memory and concentration skills. Moreover, voraciously reading is an essential part of becoming a better writer, especially for improving critical thinking and reading comprehension. With all the digital methods of communication that are so common these days – exchanging text messages, posting online tweets, or sending urgent emails, the simple act of writing can be forgotten. When you read to your children, they can benefit as well.

More Children’s Books

It’s important to read to your children as often as possible. Reading to your kids helps improve their speaking and reading abilities. And this task is getting easier – children’s books, always seen as a classic, are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. In 2014, over 226 million children’s books were sold, as reported by the American Bookseller’s Association. This trend could indicate positive outlooks for the future of the wider book industry.

E-Readers vs. Printed Books

E-readers are also growing in popularity, but e-book sales only account for 20% of the overall market. Although one might think that printed books are declining, it seems that the opposite is true: independent bookstores are on the rise as well, since the total number of these bookstores have increased by 27% since 2009. Visiting a physical store and uncovering hidden treasures remains an experience that just can’t be replicated on an electronic device.

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