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reading Whether you are teacher or a parent, or even just a concerned citizen, you may be wondering how you can help young people cultivate an interest in reading. It can be hard to explain the merit of something that you already love so much, but that’s why we’re here to help you. We’re going to be going over some great ways to help a child or even an adult learn to love reading. Let’s dive in.

Help a kid who hates to read by finding something they love.

The best way to help someone find a love for literature is to help them find the right literature. Not everyone is going to want to read “War & Peace.” Conversely, not everyone is going to want to read “Harry Potter” either. It’s all about finding what the reader is interested in and aligning their book selections with those interests. For a child especially, all reading is good reading to start with. Using books with lots of pictures such as comics or illustrated works are often a good way to help spark that initial interest. Usually, one of the biggest blocks for kids is the difficulty of learning to read. If they find something that they can connect with on an emotional level, they will be more inclined to push past the challenge for the reward of fun and adventure.

Older kids need inspiration to read as well.

The same tactics can certainly apply to older children and teenagers, but there are a few more things that may help them get more interested in books. College is a very important educational step for young people today and without active reading habits, grades are sure to suffer. Encourage the young people in your life to read not only for the fun of it, but because it is an essential skill needed to excel in life. Even after college, people need to be able to not only read quickly, but to read well for comprehension whether they are sending emails or looking over important documents.

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