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Have You Considered Glue Folding Your Next Book Project?

When it comes to binding a book, glue folding is one of the best ways to ensure that the spine, covers, and pages stay together.

Every book that is printed needs to be able to last. After all, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the book looks on store or library shelves if it needs to be mended before it can be displayed. When it comes to binding a book, glue folding is one of the best ways to ensure that the spine, covers, and pages stay together.

Perfect Binding

When it comes to perfect binding, glue folding is a key part of the process. The adhesive is used to bind the cover of the book to the spine and unite it with the pages inside. Using one layer of glue is called a one-shot process while using two applications is called a two-shot process. For this technique to work, the signatures must be assembled in the correct order. Then, the spine is given a treatment known as “roughening” which allows the glue to soak into the pages. Then another application of adhesive binds the pages and the cover together.

Types of Glue

Before the advent of modern synthetic adhesives, natural glues were used for glue folding. Starches and animal glues were the primary adhesives used, although they have since fallen out of favor. Vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) are two of the most commonly used types of glue used in the modern bookbinding industry.

A third type of glue, polyurethane adhesive, or PUR is also highly popular. This is the glue used for PUR binding any books or custom projects you may need. PUR binding is especially useful for any books that need to lay flat once they are printed. It works well with a variety of paper stocks and won’t cause the spine to warp or melt because it isn’t as hot as VAE and EVA glue melts.

Ensuring Performance

The glue folding technique must produce a book that can bend and not break. In other words, the binding still needs to be as flexible as possible. Also, the binding must be tough to survive shipping and handling, not to mention years of use by the reader. Glue folding helps ensure a strong bond, which should be a priority for you and the printer you work with.

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