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Eclipse 2017: Preventing Eye Strain and Protecting Your Eyes to Read Longer!

Were you able to safely view the eclipse that occurred this past Monday? Here are some tips for preventing eye strain and protecting your eyes so you can read longer.

Were you able to safely view the eclipse that occurred this past Monday? Eclipses are incredibly rare events where the moon passes in front of the sun for a few minutes, casting a massive and breathtaking shadow for the duration of the eclipse. While Maryland wasn’t in the path of totality (where the eclipse is in full effect), we did see an 80% eclipse. Whether it’s gazing up at an eclipse or gazing down on a cherished book, protecting your eyes is always important. Here are some tips for preventing eye strain and protecting your eyes so you can read longer.

Eye Strain Symptoms

First, let’s examine some symptoms of eye strain. It’s important to note that when your eyes feel strained, take a break from whatever you are reading. Taking a break and allowing your eyes to recover causes the following symptoms of eye strain to subside:


  • Blurry vision or seeing double
  • Watering or dry eyes
  • Soreness, fatigue, burning, or itching sensations
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Increased photophobia (sensitivity to light)
  • Trouble refocusing eyes   


If you continue to experience these symptoms after resting, it may indicate that you have a more serious condition affecting your eyes. In this case, you should call your eye doctor and schedule an appointment. If your double vision does not stop, or if you feel pain or notice a significant change in your ability, these are all definite signs something is wrong. You will need to make an emergency appointment and see your eye doctor immediately.

Ways to Prevent Eye Strain

Now that you have allowed your eyes to recover, here are some ways to avoid straining your eyes again too soon:


  1. Turn on plenty of light for when you want to read. Keep your light source behind you to direct the light onto the page. Essentially, this effect is what happens during an eclipse. Imagine that the light source is the sun, you are the moon, and the page is the Earth.
  2. When reading at a desk, use a lamp with a shade. The shade will keep the light from shining directly into your eyes.
  3. If you have existing vision problems, try using a brighter light.
  4. If you find that the words on the page are too small, read a large-print version instead.
  5. Blinking and taking eye drops can also remoisten your eyes.   

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