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At Advantage Book Binding, we are pleased to announce that we recently completed a project with MedStar Health called the Mirror Book. This innovative design allows patients afflicted with facial palsy to practice strengthening exercises without shame. Learn more about this unique product and how Advantage Book Binding helped bring it to life in today’s blog, below.


Advantage Collaborates with MedStar Health to Create Mirror Book

For patients with facial deformities, looking in the mirror can be a traumatic and emotionally fraught experience. Especially when a stroke or other issue has recently caused facial paralysis, patients may not want to look at their face in the mirror, which reflects an image that they are not yet used to. However, it is important to practice regular facial exercises in the mirror to strengthen the muscles and regain control. This inspired a team of physical therapists at MedStar Health to create the Mirror Book, an innovative solution for this difficult issue. The Mirror Book is carefully designed to reflect a mirror image of the half of the face which is unaffected by palsy, which allows the patient to practice their daily facial strengthening exercises without getting caught up in their image.

mirror book

The Mirror Book contains mirrors on both inside covers. By positioning the book so that the unaffected half of the face is reflected in one mirror, the other is able to reflect this image, creating the illusion of perfect symmetry. By using the Mirror Book, patients become more hopeful and excited and are more likely to continue with their daily exercises.


We were pleased to work with the creators at MedStar Health to design and manufacture the Mirror Book and truly bring it to life. We offer the book in red, blue, and black cloth and they will be available for order on our website in the near future. Be sure to check back for updates on this exciting and innovative invention.

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Advantage Collaborates with MedStar Health to Create Mirror Book