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Wire-O binding (also referred to as mechanical binding) is a great option for a wide variety of projects. If you’ve ever used a spiral bound notebook then you’re already familiar with wire-o binding, but this useful method can be used for far more than just journals. Learn more about the best applications for mechanical binding and what makes it such a great binding option in today’s blog, below.

wire-o binding

Wire-O Binding Offers High Quality and Affordability

What is wire-o binding?

Wire-o binding uses a double thickness of wire that is bound in a spiral in order to form an uninterrupted hinge of double loops. These loops interlock with the leaves and cover of your mechanically bound product, creating a durable and effective binding. This method allows the book to fold over itself and also lay completely flat, and facing pages are always perfectly aligned. The ends of the connectors and hinges are hidden within the inside back cover, which gives the product a neat, finished, and complete look. Long popular for both commercial and personal projects, wire-o binding is an affordable way to bind any book.

Advantages of wire-o binding

Mechanical binding is a very popular binding method, and for good reason! It offers many benefits, including the fact that wire-o bound products:

  • Lay flat. One of the best things about wire-o binding is the fact that all pages lay completely flat, making it the perfect binding choice for journals, calendars, and any other product that will be written in.

  • Fold over. In addition to laying flat, most mechanically bound products can also be folded over on themselves, making them easy and convenient to use.

In addition, mechanical binding is:

  • Affordable. Even for small runs, mechanical binding is an affordable and economical method.

  • Customizable. Wire-o binding is available in a wide range of colors and styles, making it perfect for any project.


At Advantage Book Binding, we have extensive experience providing mechanical binding for a wide variety of projects, so be sure to contact us for your next project!

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