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Common Book Printing and Publishing Mistakes You Should Avoid

No matter what size company they are, all publishers need to have distribution in place before beginning the first run of book printing.

Book printing and publishing involves many tricky decisions about printing, marketing, and distribution. If you are an author who is interested in self-publishing or working with a smaller publisher, you’ll have to make these decisions without much help. What are some common book printing and publishing mistakes you should avoid?

Only Focusing on Larger Publishers

If you choose to follow the traditional path to publication, don’t get tunnel vision on who you send your work to; larger publishers might not notice you. While the largest publishing companies have massive resources at their disposal, such as how much mainstream attention they can generate for your book, book printing is pointless without a good deal. After all, the bigger publishers tend to play it safe when they review their latest batch of manuscripts. By working with a smaller publisher, you increase your chances of getting an actual book deal.

Book Printing without Distribution

However, no matter what size company they are, all publishers need to have distribution in place before beginning the first run of book printing. Small runs can yield over a hundred copies – that’s an astronomical amount to hold onto if they’re not sold right away. Before any book is printed, ensure there is enough demand for it. Procuring written promises from bookstores to carry your book, scheduling speaking tours to talk about your book and read excerpts, and arranging digital pre-orders are all great ideas for getting your book out there.

No Professional Designers or Editors

Designing an attractive book cover is a critical element of helping your book sell. Whether they are shopping online or browsing through a bookstore, readers are typically going to be drawn by an eye-catching book cover. You should also make sure your book is professionally edited – while books can overcome a poor cover design, poor writing can ruin a book’s potential through negative buzz or word of mouth. Editors can help by finding mistakes that you might not see. The cover and the text are both crucial for making an excellent first impression on your presumptive readers.

Concentrating on One Book

Lastly, don’t only focus on one book at a time. If you spend years crafting a single manuscript before submitting it for publication, this might be challenging. However, both authors and their publishers will benefit by having multiple titles in the mix. Becoming a bestselling author is like winning the lottery – the more tickets you have in the drawing, the more likely you are to win the jackpot.

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