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Ebook Sales Are Slowing Down

Ebooks were once seen as the future of book publishing, to the point that physical books were in decline. But now recent findings have shown that ebook sales are slowing down while sales of physical books are picking back up again. Why might this be? Let’s have a closer look.

Why Ebooks Will Never Replace Traditional Books in the Hearts of Readers

There are many reasons why readers often prefer physical books over ebooks. While ebooks offer the convenience of being able to carry many titles with you at one time, most readers still prefer physical books, and for good reasons. Learn more about the benefits of physical books over  in today’s blog, below.

New Survey Says Print Books are Outselling Ebooks

Despite the increase in popularity of ebooks in recent years, print books still enjoy the upper hand in terms of volume of sales. And in fact, they do so by a pretty wide margin, according to a recent survey by Nielsen Books & Consumer. The survey, which looked at sales of print and ebooks over… Read more »