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5 Gorgeous Bookstores From Around the World

There is something magical about a bookstore. For hundreds of years, the tall stacks of books, winding mazes of bookcases, and comforting scent of old books have captured our hearts and imaginations and made bookstores an ideal spot to curl up and get lost for hours. Here are 5 gorgeous bookstores from around the world… Read more »

Buenos Aires is the World Capital of Bookstores

Ever wondered which city in the world has the most bookstores per capita? As it turns out, you’d have to go pretty far down south to get there. And we’re not talking about the southern United States. We’re talking about the Southern Hemisphere. That’s because Buenos Aires is the world capital of bookstores, according to… Read more »

Keeping Bookstores Relevant in the Digital Age

Bookstores have taken a hit in recent years, as big-box retailers like Borders have closed their doors and small independent bookstores too are finding it hard to make ends meet. Still, bookstores are finding ways to remain relevant as consumers are realizing that even though we live in the information age, there is still great… Read more »