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Bible restoration

Revitalize Your Family’s History with Bible Repair

  There is something rather special about books that have passed through your family for generations. When you hold them and flip through their pages, you can feel the years that have gone by and the people who are no longer with you. Old bibles, prayer books, and hymnals often reconnect us to our roots… Read more »

Protect Your Legacy with Bible Repair and Restoration

  Bibles are often much more than books that we keep in our homes. They are a part of our family’s history and, in many cases, they have been passed down through the generations to preserve the memories of those who have been with us over the years. If you have a family bible that… Read more »

Bible Repair from Advantage Book Binding

You may have noticed this Easter that your old family Bible is looking a little older and more worn that it has in years past. Books aren’t immune to the passage of time, and this may show in bindings that are loosening or covers that are scuffed and discolored. For many people, Bible’s have been… Read more »