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4 Well-Known Authors Who Self-Published

Every writer wants to be published some day. The way they achieve that dream could be a little unorthodox, or in a different way than they originally expected to do – someone who develops an interest in writing plays and fiction may end up as a journalist, or maybe they’ll be a ghostwriter who tells… Read more »

Challenges That Self-Published Authors Have to Overcome

With the rise of the Internet, self-publishing has become a viable route to success for many authors. While many famous writers still follow the traditional path collaborating with agents, editors, publishers, and marketers, there is no denying publishing by yourself is an attractive option as well. However, self-published authors wear all of the hats during… Read more »

Self-Publishing Tips for Serious Authors

  So, you want to write a book. That’s amazing. The first thing you need to do is pat yourself on the back because this is going to be a major undertaking. Writing a new book of any kind is a big deal, but you’re going to need some guidance to make sure that you… Read more »