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Why You Should Consider Laminating Your Restaurant Menus

It’s time for Baltimore restaurant week, which means an upswing in customers. Can your current restaurant menus withstand that much traffic?

It’s time for Baltimore restaurant week, which means that if you own a restaurant, you’re probably experiencing an upswing in the number of customers you typically see. Can your current restaurant menus withstand that much traffic? Although folded menus are the norm, you should consider laminating your menus instead.

What is Laminate Encapsulation?

Simply put, the technique known as laminate encapsulation means to cover a menu with laminate. This method is also often called sealed-edge. The menu is placed inside two sheets of plastic laminate. The edges of the laminated sheets are slightly longer than the ends and sides of the menu they are meant to protect. Although the difference is minuscule, only about ⅛ of an inch to half an inch, it’s enough. The menu is protected both from moisture damage, and from anything that damages the pages or makes them unsafe to handle.

Measuring Durability

The next question you need to answer when you are laminating your restaurant menus is how thick you need the laminate to be. The thickness correlates with the sheet’s durability. Some common measurements you will see include 1.5 mils, 3 mils, 5 mils, and 10 mils. Even though durability is important, don’t underestimate the importance of flexibility. If your menu is made of solid panels, it won’t be able to fold or bend too well. That’s why the most frequently used measurements are 1.5 or 3 mil.

Thick Laminate and Folded Menus

If your menu needs further protection, you might experiment with using 5 mil laminate. However, this isn’t always the best choice. You will want the menu to fold up easily and lay flat once folded – be considerate of your customers. The 10 mil laminate will provide the most protection for your restaurant menus. Still, this is a choice best suited for a shingle sheet – perhaps highlighting your Restaurant Week specials!

What to Try Instead

Along with the lamination, something else you could try is a spiral-bound menu. The sealed-edge and binding-edge shouldn’t be even – you want more of the sealed edge and less of the bound edge. This method allows easier hole-punching while preventing moisture and the like from damaging your eye-catching menu.

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