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The Impact of Fonts on the Reader’s Experience

When it comes to writing a book, the font is often overlooked. However, fonts have a tremendous impact on the reader’s experience.

When it comes to writing a book, the font is often overlooked. However, fonts have a tremendous impact on the reader’s experience. The typeset for the content can make a reader lose interest or give up in frustration if it is too small. That’s one advantage of e-readers, where the users can make the font bigger or smaller depending on their comfort level.

What Are Fonts?

Fonts are sets of typefaces that look different depending on the type of font that is used. The three most important attributes of a font are how big they are, how stylish they are, and how heavy they look. Certain fonts are easier to read than others are. Typography is a key part of anything that is printed – magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, and yes, books.

Other Important Terms to Know

Typeface: Whenever people talk about fonts, they usually mean the typeface. Every typeface has a different design for the letter, characters, numbers and symbols that are displayed on the screen or on the page. Fonts you may be familiar with include Arial, Cambria, and Times New Roman.

Line length: How many words are in a single line? How many characters did you use? The line length measures the space between the margins of the text.

Leading: This is also called line spacing. This measures the amount of space between individual lines of text.

Kerning: The kerning refers to how far apart the letters and characters of a single word, phrase, or sentence.

Tracking: Tracking is also called letter spacing, and is similar to what kerning does. The main difference, however, is that it is used to measure paragraphs and not lines or letters.

Effects on Reader Experience

When you are deciding on which font to use for your book project, you’ll have to consider the effects of typography on readers. When you have well-designed fonts and typography, it dramatically increases legibility and readability. A reader can look at some text and attempt to understand what the message contained in the text is without struggling to read it. Textual effects such as formatting also affect on how readers absorb the information you give them – subheadings indicate a new section while using bold, italics, and underlines can add emphasis to specific pieces of the text as well.


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