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Although old-fashioned bookstores are becoming harder and harder to find, New York City remains a mecca for literary lovers. A quick train ride from Maryland, spending a weekend in the city provides ample time to explore many of the city’s most iconic libraries, book shops, and details that any book lover will appreciate.

A Book Lover’s Tour of NYC

If you love big cities and great books, check out our Book Lover’s Tour of NYC!

A Book Lover’s Tour of NYC

Stay at the Library Hotel

The Library Hotel is located on Madison Ave. and 41st St., which means it’s only a short walk to the New York Public Library (more on that in a minute). The hotel is home to over 6,000 texts which are organized by the Dewey Decimal System. Each floor represents one category of the System and each room is home to a specific topic. If you book room 400.005, for example, you’ll find yourself surrounded by tomes dedicated to Middle Eastern languages. While the hotel offers plenty of onsite amenities that may tempt you to never leave the vicinity, the city still offers plenty to explore!

Visit the New York Public Library

The New York Public Library is a world-renowned institution that’s home to a wide variety of texts and tomes, including many ancient and historically important books. A stone’s throw from the Library Hotel, be sure to keep your eyes on the ground when you walk between the buildings: The sidewalks are dotted with plaques that contain quotes by famous writers such a E.B. White

Take time to explore The Strand

The only remaining stalwart of New York’s old Book Row, The Strand has been a family-owned bookstore since it opened in 1927. Boasting more than 18 miles of bookshelves over several floors, the shop is home to a staggering variety of both new and used books. They’ll also purchase your used books from you, so you can easily swap out the novel you read on the train for something fresh to keep you occupied on the ride back to Maryland.

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