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Sales of children’s books have seen significant growth over the past few years, and show no signs of slowing down any time soon. Amazingly, this trend is consistent across the world, with growth of the children’s book market being reported here in the U.S., across the pond in the U.K., and even as far away as China and Brazil. So what’s driving the growth and popularity of children’s books? Read on to find out!


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Sales of Children’s Books See Significant Growth

So what do the numbers look like for children’s books? According to Nielsen, here’s how the market grew from 2013-2014.

United States – 13% growth

United Kingdom – 8% growth

China – 10% growth

Brazil – 28% growth

What’s driving the growth? There are lots of potential reasons, but an overarching theme is that print remains a “touchstone for children and families,” according to Publishers Weekly, which continues:

Our research tells us that parental attitudes towards print have strengthened at the same time as they have increased their own ebook purchases. All physical formats of children’s books in the U.S. have grown, but board books have seen 22% compound growth over the last three years. Increasingly we see parents in mature economies invested in younger children’s literacy.

This trend makes a lot of sense, as parents who grew up being read to as children want to continue this tradition with their own children. In addition, lots of research suggests that reading to children consistently at an early age helps them develop their reading and language skills faster, a fact which many parents are aware of.

One trend that fewer people are aware of is the trend in the U.S. and U.K. Of adults buying children’s books for themselves. According to Publishers Weekly, “in the U.S., approximately 27% of juvenile nonfiction books are bought by adults with no children – and not as gifts.”

Young adult print books are also enjoying increasing popularity. While in 2011, just 5 of the top 20 bestselling children’s books in the U.S. were young adult books, this number jumped to 11 of the top 20 in 2014. “YA titles have started to dominate the children’s books charts and the reason is that in the U.S., 73% of YA books are bought by U.S. adults for themselves.”

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