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If you are an avid book lover, you’ll be happy to know that with a little understanding and care, your collection can last for generations. Books are surprisingly resilient, but when neglected they can become unuseable. Protect your collection by following these simple tips and tricks to ensure your books last a lifetime.


Protecting and Caring For Your Favorite Books

Manage the environment

Books primarily consist of paper, leather, cloth, paste, and glue. Any of these components can begin to degrade when exposed to moisture or harsh ultraviolet rays. In order to protect the integrity of your books, ensure that they are not exposed to too much light, whether that be natural sunlight or indoor light bulbs. Also, always be sure to turn off the lights in your library when you are not in the room to prevent fading. In addition, investing in a dehumidifier will help to ensure that moisture damage doesn’t lead to problems down the line. Finally, be sure to avoid storing your books in extreme heat or cold which can make leather and paper brittle and prone to breakage.

Keep your books in the right position

For books that are stored vertically on a bookcase, ensure that they are in a secure, upright position to protect the book’s integrity and structure. Use bookends or tightly pack your books to ensure that none are forced to lean at an angle for prolonged periods of time, which can cause permanent damage to the spine. Oversized books are best stored horizontally with no more than 3 volumes stacked on top of each other.

Store your books properly

If you must put your books into storage, avoid wrapping them in plastic. This is important because plastics begin to emit harmful gases as they degrade which can damage your books. Instead, store them in alkaline storage boxes designed specifically for books, which will help protect them from environmental damage. Avoid storing the boxes in attics or basements, where your books will be subjected to fluctuations in temperature and humidity and create a potential buffet for paper-loving pests.

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