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Books for New Fathers on Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s Day this coming Sunday, here are some suggestions for an unusual gift: a book.

Whether the father figure in your life is a godfather or a pet dad, that should not exclude them from being celebrated on this day. In honor of Father’s Day this coming Sunday, here are some suggestions for an unusual gift: a book.

Fatherhood – The Truth

This book by Marcus Berkmann was first printed in 2005. Thirteen years ago, there were not as many books aimed at prospective fathers. But on this Father’s Day, consider it as a possible gift for the father in your life. Ideally, this should be given to a first-time father who is overconfident in their own abilities and is expecting it to be simple.

The Life of Dad

This book by Anna Machin is the result of years of scientific research. It is an excellent way to reassure nervous first-time fathers that they matter when it comes to being a good parent, how they can become a better father, and how to cope with the emotional growth that comes with being a new father, all in time for Father’s Day.

Pregnancy for Dads-to-Be

Pregnancy is a major milestone in the life of any expectant parents. It can be a lonely road, one that is often mysterious to mothers and fathers alike. This book by Adam Carpenter reviews the growth and development of the child as every day, week, and month passes by until the birth; it also contains advice for how soon-to-be dads can do their best to be a supportive partner to the mother of their child. It’s a great way to help educate the dad who doesn’t know what to expect or does not have enough relevant childcare experience.

Great Expectations; Becoming a Dad

The author of this book, John Carr, has three children himself. He also happens to be a social worker and psychotherapist whose expertise lies in the study of children and their fathers. Practical advice and tips for handling the complex emotions accompanying fatherhood are part of what you will find in this book.

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