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School is out and summer is here! But just when you thought you’d said goodbye to homework forever, the summer reading list arrives. Your kids might be excited for summer reading, but the odds are better that they’re not thrilled about what is essentially summer homework.

That’s why as a parent, you want to make summer reading fun for your kids. Of course, this is easier said than done. Still, there are lots of things you can do to try to make summer reading fun for your kids. Who knows, you might make readers of them yet! Learn more about ways to make summer reading fun in our blog.


Do you want to make summer reading more fun for your kids? Here are a few ideas!

4 Ways to Make Summer Reading Fun

Let them choose what to read.

If the school encourages summer reading but doesn’t send a summer reading list, let your kids pick out what they want to read. There’s no better way to get them interested in reading than to allow them to read about something they’re actually interested in. Take them to the library one day and let them choose a few books they might be interested in.

Read aloud.

You might think your kids are past the age of being read to, but reading aloud to kids even once they’ve left the single digit ages is still a great idea. For one thing, allows you to help kids grasp thematic concepts that might still be a little beyond them. You can also define vocabulary kids might not know. Kids who are struggling to read stand to benefit a lot from being read to.

Read what your kids are reading.

Giving kids someone to talk to about a book can help them develop their critical thinking skills. Ask them thought-provoking questions about the book they’re reading to get them to analyze it from different perspectives. Plus, reading what they’re reading shows that you’re interested in what they’re doing. And while they might not show it, your kids will definitely appreciate this.

Custom bind their favorite book.

Your kids will love to see their favorite book in a custom binding. Give it to them as a gift for completing summer reading assignments, or let them choose their own cover design!

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