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Those who suffer from Bell’s Palsy often find themselves struggling to regain full use of their faces. Through the use of mirror books, patients can work on regaining motion in their facial muscles with regular physical therapy. How do these mirror books work? Read on and find out in today’s blog!

What is Bell’s Palsy?

Bell’s Palsy is a weakness or paralysis in the muscles on one side of your face. This condition can be caused by a variety of things including Lyme’s disease and the herpes virus that causes cold sores, but the root cause is largely unknown. The biggest and most obvious symptom of Bell’s Palsy is drooping on one side of the face, though this can be accompanied by sensitivity to sound, a loss of tasting ability, ear pain, and eye problems. This condition will usually clear itself up in a month or two, but with the help of corticosteroids and physical therapy, a faster, more complete recovery, is likely.

How can Mirror Books help?

Mirror books provide a platform for encouraging physical therapy to manifest. Most patients practice their facial exercises in the mirror, but find it very discouraging. Their faces are struggling to look as they one did, but the damage is very present. This can lead to avoidance of their reflection, which could also lead to the avoidance of their physical therapy. A mirror book is a book-shaped mirror where the object of the patient’s exercises is to create symmetry within the image of their face. The mirror book helps the patient to focus on the healthy part of their face so that they can look forward to the positive elements in their recovery. With this encouragement, patients are more likely to stick to their physical therapy schedules and recover faster.

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