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What Does Embossing Mean in the Printing World?

In the printing world, embossing is a technique of cover design.

In the printing world, embossing is a technique of cover design. Various images are pressed onto a project’s cover, and these images can be words, logos, or other types of critical information. They’re meant to help draw the eye of readers and viewers. When something is embossed, it sticks out from the surface of the material it is stamped on. Let’s learn more about embossing.

How Does It Work?

Embossing is often paired with a similar technique known as debossing. In both cases, a metal die is used to either imprint something or remove it. The difference between these die is that one is higher than the other, but either way, the two different die will lock together. A sheet of paper is slipped between them, and then heat and pressure are used to activate the embossing process. The fibers of the paper, or the cardstock, or whatever else you wish to use, will subtly shift and change according to where the dies are placed. Once you have decided you want to emboss something, the next question to answer is the project you need to have completed.

What Can You Do With It?

Whether you need a professional-looking folder for your next presentation, or you need to create a brochure advertising your commercial enterprise’s services, embossing can help make a difference. When used with foil stamping, it can create an even more striking appearance. But you can also achieve the illusion of three-dimensions by using a pre-stamped image. Then again, there is also the option to choose blind embossing instead.

What Difference Does Blind Embossing Make?

If you choose not to use any printing or foiling methods beforehand, you can achieve the blind embossing effect. In blind embossing, the embossing technique is used by itself, which is highly similar to what you see when you have a document notarized. When you decide to have blind embossing done, it is best to use a pre-textured type of paper. By using this material, you can call more attention to the areas that are properly embossed.


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