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When it comes to book publishing, you’ll likely hear the phrases “case making” and “case binding” frequently being thrown around. So what exactly is case binding? Simply put, case binding is the most common form of hardcover binding solutions. It results in a sturdy and long-lasting cover which safely guards the book’s interior pages. Case binding is an ideal solution for pages that need to be protected from the elements and it is a great solution for both personal and professional projects. Learn what you need to know about case binding in today’s blog, below.

case binding

Case binding: The perfect solution for any project

Case binding not only protects the pages of your book but also offers a beautifully finished look to your project. Case binding can be made from leather, paper, and an assortment of fabrics, so the look of your finished book can be unique and customized to suit the contents. With case binding, first the pages are gathered into signatures. These signatures are then sewn together and a hardcover is attached. At Advantage Book Binding, we have two high-speed case making machines that are able to produce high-quality hardcover books efficiently and affordably.


Case binding is the perfect solution for a wide variety of projects, including:


  • Menus

  • Textbooks

  • Art books

  • Coffee table books

  • Prized dissertations

  • And so much more!

When it comes to case binding, the only limitation truly is your imagination. Whether you are completing a single customized book or you’d like to do a hardcover run of your latest novel, Advantage Book Binding can work with you to bring your project to life. We have extensive experience with case binding solutions and can help ensure that your project turns out exactly as you envision.

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