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coptic stitchingChoosing a style of binding for your next book project can be tough. There are a lot of options. Some of them are highly ornate and delicate. Others are more traditional. Choosing the right style of binding for your next book will take some thought, but today we’re excited to share a style that we worked with recently: Coptic Stitching. Would you like to learn more about this beautiful binding style? Let’s take a look.

What is Coptic Stitching?

In the days of the ancient Egyptians, the Copts, a sect of Christians began using this binding method. Using small bundles of parchment or paper, you simply thread through each section and then bind them altogether using a thick cord. Though simple, this style of binding provides a look that is both traditional and elegant. Sewn bindings are an excellent way to bind books that demand a certain level of reverence.

Which books are perfect for Coptic Stiching?

Traditional stitching looks lovely on books that are to be handled gently and generously. Things like family photo albums, books of photography, or personal works of poetry are perfect for this style of binding. After all, it’s a very old way of binding a book. The archaic tone of this style lends itself to pieces of writing that have a much softer appeal. Another thing that makes it perfect for books of photography is that you can open the book at a 360-degree angle. This will allow you to isolate each page if you so choose for a streamlined viewing experience. It’s a sturdy style of binding that would also work perfectly for a nice, new sketchbook. Because of its flexibility, you can reach each and every section of your new sketchbook’s pages. Give Coptic binding a try and see if it’s the perfect binding style for you!

Advantage Book Binding can help bind your new book with Coptic stitching.

Advantage Book Binding has been the leader in quality book binding and post press services since 1985. We can help you take your book project to new heights, taking into consideration budget requirements to provide you with the most cost-effective and project-specific solution for you. We can handle projects both big and small in a wide variety of binding styles. Please contact us today for more information, and keep up with us on FacebookGoogle +Twitter, and LinkedIn. We can provide you with options for hardback or paperback books.