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Are You Considering PUR Adhesive for Your Next Book Project?

Consider using PUR Adhesive to help bind your next book project.

After publishing several books, you might feel like you know what to expect. Consequently, you will also be looking forward to something different. Consider using PUR Adhesive to help bind your next book project. If it is a softcover book that you are interested in getting perfect bound, then this might be the right method for you to choose.

For Your Children’s Book

Perfecting binding is an ideal technique for binding a children’s book. Likewise, if you are looking to bind your new picture book or other books for children, you should think about using PUR adhesive as part of the process. Observe your children to see how they interact with their books – chances are that the spine and the covers will be subjected to more damages than the pages will. Even so, this adhesive helps ensure that the spine will be undamaged and that the book of the book and all the pages inside will remain intact.  

For Books Exposed to Extreme Temperatures

Sometimes, your books might be exposed to extreme temperatures. Although this situation is unlikely, it is good to know that the book you worked hard to produce will survive whatever environment it enters. The PUR adhesive can withstand intense cold as low as -40 degrees and intense heat as high as 200 degrees as well.

For Smaller Books

A typical book will need a spine of a certain size – about ¼” thick. However, not all books are created equal. Some books will be smaller by design, either because they will be more eye-catching to children, need to be easily transportable, or don’t need as many pages. When you use PUR adhesive for your next book, you can make your book’s spine as narrow as you need it to be, even if that means the spine will only be around ⅛” thick.

For Books With Glossy Pages

Lastly, consider if your new book will contain glossy, magazine-quality pages. The PUR adhesive will work with these pages. Whether you would like an aqueous or UV coating for your pages, you can still choose to have PUR adhesive perfect binding done.  This choice can also be yours even if you would like your new book project to be laminated once it is finished printing, as well.  

Advantage Book Binding Can Help You Create the Printed Book You’ve Always Wanted!

Are you interested in having a bound novel? Are you entering the workforce, and need a bound portfolio to showcase your work? Advantage Book Binding offers plenty of services and binding types that are perfect for suiting your needs. We also offer specialty binding options for those of you looking for something extra special.

Advantage Book Binding can advise you as to what kind of binding style will work best for your specific project, taking into consideration budget requirements to provide you with the most cost-effective and project-specific solution for you. Please contact us today for more information, and keep up with us on FacebookGoogle +Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, don’t hesitate to visit us at our Baltimore headquarters.