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4 Common Questions About Perfect Bound Books

Perfect bound books are also some of the most popular items you will find at your local bookstore or library.

When it’s time to get your latest book project printed, you have plenty of options. Unfortunately, making a final decision about which binding style you want can be more difficult than you might expect. Happily, perfect bound books are also some of the most popular items you will find at your local bookstore or library. If you would like to know more about them, just keep reading.

How Are Perfect Bound Books Made?

The pages of the book must first be printed. Once they are properly prepared (including being put in the correct order), they are all assembled on what is called a page block. Part of the page block meets the spine of the book. In order for the spine to be altered, two tools must be used: these are known as abrasives or blades.

These tools work by revealing more of the papers that make up the pages. Then, these pages are glued before the cover is attached. Once the glue has dried, the other edges of the book are trimmed more evenly, producing the clean and sleek look that gives perfect binding its name.

Does This Method Work For All Books?

Although this method of bookbinding is an excellent one for many books, it doesn’t always work for every book. Smaller books, for instance, are not the best choices for this technique. If a book is thin enough that it is less than ⅛” inches, then it isn’t large enough for the perfect binding method to produce a durable book. You might want to choose spiral coil binding, in this case.

What Are Some Advantages?

We’re glad that you asked! Professionally-done perfect bound books, such as those provided by Advantage Book Binding are highly attractive and eye-catching enough to draw the attention of almost any reader. Also, they are an affordable option for creating larger books that are easy to move around and restock on shelves.

Can I Put Text On the Spine?

Indeed you can. However, keep in mind that the size of the spine is an important factor in this design choice. You’ll want to be sure any text or other information placed on the spine is visible enough to read at a glance.

Advantage Book Binding Can Help You Create The Printed Book You’ve Always Wanted!

Are you interested in having a bound novel? Are you entering the workforce, interested in a bound portfolio to showcase your work? Advantage Book Binding offers plenty of services and binding types that are perfect for suiting your needs. We also offer specialty binding options for those of you looking for something extra special.

Advantage Book Binding can advise you as to what kind of binding style will work best for your specific project, taking into consideration budget requirements to provide you with the most cost-effective and project-specific solution for you. Please contact us today for more information, and keep up with us on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn.