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Advice for Writers: How to Write an Acknowledgments Page

For aspiring authors and self-published writers, creating this essential element of their book can be tricky.

For many experienced authors, writing an acknowledgments page won’t seem like a problem. They already know who they would like to thank for helping make their latest bestseller a reality. But for aspiring authors and self-published writers, creating this essential element of their book can be tricky.

Friends and Family

An acknowledgments page is a simple but elegant way of thanking everyone who has supported you on your journey to publication. Your friends will encourage you to keep going even when you feel like you are out of ideas, or are unsure how to make a nonfiction story fit a narrative that follows conventions usually associated with fiction. But they’ll also be more honest about what they’ve read than your family. It can be a challenge, sometimes, especially if you feel like the content or subject matter of your book will make your family members uncomfortable. But your extended family can help take care of everyday chores and obligations to give you more time to focus on honing your writing craft.

Spouses and Partners

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the spouses and partners of writers. Sometimes, they can act as an agent of fate, leading previously unknown and struggling writers to the promised land of sudden fame and fortune. Stephen King’s wife Tabitha rescued the first draft of Carrie and convinced him to get it published.   

Cover Designers, Publishers, and Readers

New and inexperienced writers should also consider thanking their cover designers in an acknowledgments page. After all, without an eye-catching cover, the book might not sell enough copies to justify the publishers’ backing or become wildly popular with readers. It’s also worth it to mention everyone you worked with during the publishing phase, as they played a crucial role in shaping the final product.

And while it’s common to thank your future readers, you should also thank everyone who did a read-through of your novel or book and offered their opinions and feedback on how to make it better. Sometimes, some images, descriptions or jokes only make sense to writers. Still, it’s all too easy for beginning writers to get stuck inside their own head and not see their work from an external perspective.  

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